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Outstanding/distinguished. Accurately addresses posed issues or questions. Discussion postings are timely, allowing others to respond, are thoughtful and astutely analytic or original; connect to previous or current content or real life situations; fully develop ideas, connections, or applications; and virtually free of grammatical errors or typos. The post will facilitate learning for yourself and your fellow students. This corresponds to an A.

Readings and Assignments:

(1). ) Touhy, T. & Jett, K. (2012). Ebersole & Hess’ toward health aging: human needs and nursing response(8th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier

Chapter 16 – Care Across the Continuum

(a). Read the case study at the end of the chapter.

(b). Discuss what you, the care provider, see as positives and negatives related to his hospitalization and subsequent discharge to long-term care.

(c). What care management processes could have improved the acute care outcomes. Were there any other options than discharge to long-term care?

(d). What role could the provider have taken to help the family in positively affecting the transition from home to long-term care for Ray?

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