Health Methadology

I would like to make my research question and the 3 or 4  sub-questions. I’ve made them but I just want to double check with you. there are 3 main topics I can choose from them which are:
1) Health services
2) Health and the internet·
3) Food and nutrition in society·
I’ve chosen Health services as I study Paramedics. I’ve written the main question and the subs but I’m not sure if I did it write or not, and I also couldn’t do the narrowing and explain the purpose.
please find the materials for this query, the worksheet that has to be filled out under the name of (ST2122 A1 Research Q Development Worksheet_ v1.15(1)) and also my previous work. all uploaded.

HST2122 Assignment 1

Student Topic and Research Question Development Worksheet

Topic Selection and Narrowing

  1. Which of the 3 broad topics assigned this semester interests you and would keep you motivated over the next 8 weeks?

Health Services

  1. How would you narrow it to make it manageable and researchable?Identify at least 2 ways to narrow the topic.
  • I have mapped my topic (Adult’s awareness and access of paramedic’s health services) and I came with many sub topics for  example,communication, services, access, knowledge….
  • I have made four sub-questions from the result of the map that mentioned above.
  1. Prepare 1 paragraph on the purpose and social relevance the narrowed topic — what you want to know (the who, what, when and where of your research) and why it is relevant (meaningful, useful) to you, the public or greater population?

In my topic I would like to know the level of awareness of Western Australian adults of the services offered by paramedics and how they access paramedics services. So, the participants will be adults from Western Australia in 2015.  The significance of this study it is very important to know the availability of paramedicsservices in western Australia and what adult people know about these services and how they access them easily. In the same time, this study will seek to find out the best way to gain their knowledge in relation to access and use these services.

Meeting Topic Constraints

  1. Is it a social health research topic? Explain how it qualifies using the definition of social health research.

Yes. The topic I have chosen is paramedics services which is related to health. The participants who I have chosen are adults from western Australia and they explain what is their weaknesses of paramedics services available and how they as they are part from the society can access these services.

  1. Is it consistent with the social model of health and illness?Explain how it qualifies using the characteristics of social health and biomedical models of health.
  1. Is it suitable for a novice researcher? Explain how it qualifies for each consideration, practical and ethical.

Yes. It is not the intention of this research to harm the participants in any way, be it physical, emotional or psychological.

HST2122 Health Research MethodologyResearch Question Reporting SheetNOTE: These items must have all necessary content and proper structure.
State your Research AimTo investigatethe level of awareness of Western Australian adults of the services offered by paramedics and how they access ambulance services
State your Main Research QuestionIn 2015, what is the level of awareness of Western Australian adults of the services offered by paramedics and how they access paramedics services?
State your Research Sub-Questions
SubQ 1What Western Australian adults know in regards to the appropriate conditions under which to call paramedics services?
SubQ 2What are the communication ways that can Western Australian adults contact paramedics?
SubQ 3What is the best strategy to increase the level of awareness of Western Australian adults of services offered by paramedics?
SubQ 4What is the best strategy to teach Western Australian adults how to access paramedics services? 

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