Health Literacy

Health Literacy Paper Guidelines and Rubric

In this assignment you explore the topic of health literacy and its inevitable impact on learning outcomes. Ralph Tyler, the father of the modern-day curriculum, made a habit of asking himself each day: what have I learned today? And How will I use it? This paper provides you with the opportunity to reflect in this same way about health literacy and its impact on teaching-learning.

First, read this systematic review on health literacy:

Further investigate health literacy through these sources:

Then write a maximum 2-page personal reflection paper that answers the following questions:

• What did you learn about health literacy? How does it differ from literacy in general?

• How will you use what you learned, or a health literacy tool you found, in your health care practice?

• Why is health literacy an important subject to teach to health care students & professionals?

*Include a title page, an abstract, citations, and a reference list in addition to the 2 page body of your paper. Follow APA style.*

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