Health Information Management

scoring guide icon Discussion and Participation Scoring Guide.
In this discussion, identify at least two Health Information Management (HIM) department professionals and then complete the following for each professional:

Explain the roles and responsibilities for each position.
Describe the challenges for each position.
Examples of HIM department professionals include health information manager, clinical data specialist, and health information technicians.

Once you are done, refer to the Discussion Participation Scoring Guide to make sure you have met the requirements of this discussion.

Response Guidelines
Read the posts of your peers and respond to two posts. Try to select a peer that chose at least one department professional that you selected. Also, choose another peer that selected a different department professional.

Consider the following for the same department professional you chose:
Did your peer identify the same role and responsibilities as you did? Explain.
Review the challenges identified. What did you identify that your peer did not? What did your peer identify that you did not? What do you consider interesting in your peer’s post?
Consider the following for a different department professional from what you chose:
What information did your peer identify that you thought was most interesting? Explain.
What questions and comments do you have for your peers relating to the information documented in the discussion?

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