Health Education in the 21st Century

Final Project Component 1
Health educators may be involved in the analysis of a case study to demonstrate how they will implement strategies to address a health issue for a given population. Within a case study, you will find extensive health information that may support the strategies which a health educator may recommend for this health issue. Or, you may find that a different or alternative strategy not mentioned in the case study is supported by the health information provided. Thus, as a future health educator, your health literacy skills whereby you filter, analyze, and interpret health-related information, will be important when reviewing a case study. Furthermore, you may also find that health literacy skills are important when engaged in research and identification of potential sources to assist in your recommendations for health education practice.
For this Assignment, review the Point Mar Case Study provided in this week’s Learning Resources for the Final Project. Select a health issue from this case study to focus on for the Final Project and that you would like to address with a health education program. Reflect on this health issue and consider peer-reviewed literature and data-based resources (e.g., websites, peer-reviewed journals, etc.) that can be used to research this specific health issue.
Note: In grading this Assignment, your Instructor uses the Final Project Components Rubric, located in the Course Information area. Review the Rubric prior to completing your Assignment.
The Assignment: (1–2 pages)
Describe the health issue that you selected from the case study, including an explanation of why this health issue is important for the health education profession.
Describe how this health issue should be addressed through a specific health education program.
Include a list of 3–5 peer-reviewed literature resources that you are considering using as support for your Final Project.
Identify data-based resources or support for this health issue.

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