Health Economics

The Question:
In lectures 5,6 and 7, a framework is presented that provides a tool for analyzing the existing situation in a country’s health system with respect to health care financing and resource allocation, and equally provides a tool to assist in identifying and assessing policy options.
Using this framework, together with the knowledge and skills you are acquiring in health economics unit, prepare an essay that provides an economic analysis of the health system of a country of your choice (Australia). In particular, you may want to include some of the following issues in your discussion:
(i) Revenue collection mechanisms
(ii) Pooling of funds
(iii) Purchasing arrangements
(iv) Provision (delivery) of health services
(v) Role of contracting (if any)
(vi) Methods of payment to health professionals and institutions
(vii) Role of the public and private sectors
(viii) ‘Benefit package’ for the population
(ix) Existing policies on health priorities, cost containment, etc.
(x) Recent health system reform initiatives (is any)
(xi) Challenges facing the health system
(xii) Policy options to address current challenges
(xiii) Other issues may be discussed also.

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