health care worker

1) Describe what you discovered about yourself as a future health care worker from this course? (The course is Introduction to Health Care)
(My future career is Physical Therapist Assistant)

2) In your description use specific examples from:
a) Modules 1-4
Module 1: Preparing for your career
Module 2: The language of health Care and the human body
Module 3: Behaviors and Skills for success in health care
Module 4: The business and documentation of health care

b) The health care career paper ( It was about my future career that is Physical Therapist Assistant)

c) Discussions 1-4
Discussions were about, multiple sclerosis disease, American Physical Therapy Association and the Current factors that affect the health care system in the United States.

3) Provide details to support your growth, new skills, knowledge acquired, and how this fits into your future plans as a health care professional.

4) Express the information using your own words.

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