Health Care

PICO question is : What is the effect of exclusive breastfeeding on early cognitive and motor development among children?

Instruction as following:

1. Introduction and PICO(T) Question – Grab the reader’s interest. Identify the purpose of the paper and a preview of what the paper will cover. End your introduction with your PICO (put it as it is above) question.

2 paragraphs for the introduction

2. Background and Significance – Provide background and significance of the problem being addressed by this systematic review. Background should also include how the key elements of the P(population)I(intervention) C(ignore this)O( outcome (T) question will be defined and operationalized, if not already discussed in the introduction.
3. For significance, consider how this problem affects individuals and society. Why is this important? How many people are affected? Consider the financial impact.

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