Health Care

Research Design
• Demonstrate how the intervention is going to run.
o I highly recommend the PRECEDE/PROCEED model which we will be discussing in the coming weeks
o Embed your evidence-based strategy (or theoretically relevant strategy) into this section
♣ Measures
• Describe how you will collect data throughout your intervention
o You may want to use a combination of quantitative (surveys, biological/physical indicators, etc.) and qualitative (interviews, focus groups, etc.) methods – just be sure you can rationalize why you’re using one, the other, or both.
• If necessary, bring into focus any culturally tailored measures, communication tools or marketing/advertising strategies
♣ Evaluation plan
• How will you:
o 1. Analyze the data you collect
o 2. Share the findings with the local and scientific communities.
• What else do you plan to do with the findings?

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