Health Care

Assignment 4


Answer the following questions after you have completed lectures up to Risk Management.

Hazard Identification

  1. What are the hazards of ETS to non-smokers?
  2. How were they identified?

Exposure Assessment

  1. What exposure levels are non-smokers subjected to?
  2. Where did this information come from?

Risk Estimation

  1. What are the health consequences of ETS?
  2. For spouses?
  3. For children?
  4. What is the range of relative risk for lung cancer for non-smokers married to smokers?
  5. What evidence was used to rate ETS as a human carcinogen?
  6. Has a threshold level been established?
  7. Any other risks besides health effects? What are they, if any?

Risk Control Reduction

  1. What has been done to try and reduce the public’s exposure to ETS?

Monitoring/Evaluating Risk Control Measures

  1. What have been the effect of the workplace smoking bans?
  2. What are savings associated with workplace bans?
  3. What are the costs associated with workplace bans?
  4. What is the conclusion of this review?

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