Health Care

Topic: Autism Spectrum Disorders research paper and Occupational Therapy ASSISTANT (OTA)

WRITTEN PAPER Guidelines (85 points):
1. The paper must be TYPED.
2. Paper must be in size 11 or 12 font
3. Must use Calibri or Times New Roman font
4. Use 1.5 or double spacing
5. MLA or APA format for citations. Just be consistent!
6. If you need writing help it is up to you to visit the Writing Center in Donahue. They are wonderful and extremely helpful!
7. You MUST include in-text citations in addition to a Works Cited /Reference page at the end of your paper. Do not commit plagiarism!!! If you do not understand what plagiarism means then please visit the CAPS Center located on the 2nd floor of Donahue near the library, or ask them online questions. Always cite if you are ever in doubt. A citation is the insertion of information regarding where your fact, data, statement came from. There are hundreds if not thousands of websites that help students learn how to site.

Tip: if you state ANY statistic, number, amount, rate, “fact,” etc. in your paper then you MUST use an in-text citation regarding where the information was found.
TIP: When researching, note where your information came from while you are reading and taking notes. You will be very happy you made a little note about the source when it comes time to write your paper!

Paper Basics
• Your Audience: For whom are you writing? For this academic paper your audience is your course INSTRUCTOR.
• Health Issue & Scope of Problem:
Identify a health problem/issue in your community AND a related health professional. The health professional might be directly or indirectly involved in your health issue. The health issue should be very specific and clearly stated in words in the first paragraph of your paper.

Questions to address in your paper:
What is the health problem that is in need of attention? WHY is it a problem? HOW BIG is the problem? WHO is impacted by this problem? WHY should we care about this problem?

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