Health and Safety Plan for Environmental Remedia

Your assignment is to develop a Health and Safety Plan for Environmental Remediation of Dioxin contaminated soil. You can use the plan included in the Course Documents as a template. The Contract Number will be ER-D-001-2017. Include your name as a Health and Safety Manager. We’ll use Times Beach, MO as an example. Use Times Beach, Meramec Township, MO 63025 as the address of the site. Find the nearest hospital and include a map with emergency routes to the selected hospital.The tasks are: Excavation of Dioxin contaminated soil and Decontamination of the heavy excavation equipment.Consider what kind of PPE we’ll need. Mead, NE remediation project only required Level D PPE. Is it sufficient for Dioxin contaminated soil? Also, consider decontamination procedures for the heavy excavation equipment. Use the following publication for decontamination procedures ideas: following video will give you an idea about proper PPE and practices. is not an excavation video, but PPE selection and procedures are similar.Attach your H&S plan here. File name should be HS-ER-D-S2020_Your Initials

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