Helping children learn social and emotional skills (SES) lays the foundation for developing healthy behaviors. There are urban minority communities that have been heavily burdened with incarceration and the injustices in our justice system. Over generations, the families become destabilized from mass incarceration and children don’t have the same opportunities to learn SES as their more advantaged counterparts.

There is an EBP program sponsored by the US Dept. of Education; Office of Special Education entitled “Positive Behavioral Intervention Support.” Please view the following video that is the home page. Click on SWPBIS for Beginners, and then scroll down to PBIS Video. You will view a tutorial about the program. During December 07, 2016 clinical, we will be having a mock advocacy presentation in class. The setting will be two nurse-advocates trying to get funding from a philanthropic organization in order to implement PBIS within an elementary school. You have been assigned a role in the mock presentation. Prior to doing the first written assignment in this project, read “Board Members” and “Strategies to Win Over the Swing Voter” documents posted in BB.

The nurse-advocates are asking for funding $200,000 to implement a PBIS Program in a Brownsville elementary school. That is just $30,000 more that it costs to keep one 16-18 year old in Riekers Island ($176,700) which costs more than a Harvard University education. For the price of housing 1 youth at Riekers Island, this grant has the potential has for keeping 750 children  out of the criminal justice system. Below are instructions for each assignment in this project.

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