⎫  Identify a health disparity for my chosen vulnerable population

⎫ Discuss the importance of planning for sustainable health promotion programs that aim to improve the health outcomes of you

chosen vulnerable population

⎫ Use the principles and philosophies of health promotion discussed throughout this unit in developing my program.

In that you are asked to begin the proposal by identifying a health promotion activity for my topic chosen vulnerable population group.

Expected headings you need to use for this part.

⎫ Why you have chosen your particular vulnerable population and support with appropriate literature.

⎫  Introduce my vulnerable population group .

⎫  Introduce my health disparity and any issues .

⎫ Introduce my planned intervention.

⎫ A detailed literature review that explains why your project is currently needed for your chosen vulnerable population. In your literature review contrast and compare other existing programs to the one you have chosen. These may not be exactly the same

as your proposal but rather, offer insight into current and similar programs showing what works well and what doesn’t work well

as well as how improvements can be made.

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