Group Project – Problem Based Scenario to Design (ERD), Implement and Query a SQL Server Database… 1 answer below »

Submission: Report and presentation file via Turnitin on Moodle; Presentation in class during tutorial

Task details: Group Project (Report and Presentation) – Problem Based Scenario to Design (ERD), Implement and Query a SQL Server Database

Students will choose a case study from the textbook for this assignment. An ERD, database, scripts for creating tables, views, triggers, functions, stored procedures, insert, update, alter, delete and successful query results as requested in the case study will be assessed according to the marking criteria below.

Students must normalize the data from 1 NF to 3 NF and show each and every normalization with diagrams/tables and appropriate sample data to explain their understanding.

Students will submit one group written report of 1000 words detailing the tasks they carried out in the assignment. 3 to max 4 students can be in one group. This report will be due in the end of week 11. Students will also deliver a 15 mins presentation in class and explain their understanding and the approach they took to work on the assignment. This will be arranged in Week 10.

The report requires a title page with student group members’ names and email, the assessment title and date.

A brief introduction to the assignment can then be followed by the initial ERD, the Normalised version and the SQL statements used as requested by the case study chosen.

Report must be well-written, have in-text and detailed Harvard style referencing and presented professionally, containing:

1. Title page
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. Appropriate use of headings within the report
5. The overall structure, presentation, and formatting.

All group members must remain present for the demonstration in tutorial and must be able to explain the scripts written for the tasks outlined in case study.


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