APA format minium of 250 words to answer this 2 part question.


propose two (2) outcomes that you believe offshore drilling would have on the global usage of non-renewable resources overall. Support your rationale with two (2) specific examples of non-renewable resources likely to be affected.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the U.S. government in managing multiple environmental concerns, such as energy security and food security. Justify your response.


The Global Environment and International Politics

Nearly every state within the international community recognizes global warming and other environmental dangers, but it has been extremely difficult to collaborate on solutions to solve these problems. The transnational nature of environmental problems makes collaboration and cooperation on the international level particularly important.[removed]

Global Environment Facility

Environmental problems have many dire consequences, including pollution, damaged beaches, resource shortages, and the spread of pests. Population growth serves to exacerbate these problems. Consumption growth has played an even bigger role in pollution and other environmental challenges. As the pressure on natural resources grows, it leads producers to search for ways to be more efficient. It also leads to an effort to find new supplies, but, sometimes, the effort to find new supplies can worsen pollution. Ultimately, many believe that the focus needs to be on sustainable development, but too often people choose development over sustainability.

One way of understanding the challenge that environmental movements face is to view it as a collective action problem. A collective action problem is a situation in which two or more actors have a common interest but cannot automatically collaborate to achieve it. Liberals see collaboration as the solution with international organizations playing a key role. Realists are skeptical about the prospects for cooperation, believing that states will be reluctant to sign an agreement that might damage their power. Economic structuralists focus on how environmental issues influence gaps in wealth and economic power, while constructivists focus on the role of ideas in shaping behavior towards the environment and environmental policy. Feminists focus on how environmental degradation affects women.

The literature on collective action problems points to several generalizable factors that influence the difficulty of solving collective action problems. They include the number of actors, time horizons, the free rider problem, selective incentives, hegemony, privatization, quotas and trading, and regulation. We can also identify some clear barriers to cooperation. They include conflict with free trade agreements, competing economic priorities, complexity, equity, economic competitiveness, scientific uncertainty, and domestic politics.

Despite the obstacles to cooperation, states have reached a large number of agreements on a wide range of issues. Some issues, though, like greenhouse gases have proven to be particularly difficult.

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