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For the previous assignment you wrote as the oxford said … its wasn’t assignment                    thats ok 



here is the assignemnt I’d like to do please for me , its summary of an article with like a page long … Kid Kustomers ,,, and I’ll attach example and I need please a summary draft that like couple of lines if you don’t mind ? the instructors are here :  




Summary Essay Assignment

For this assignment, you will write a 1-2 page summary essay about the article you signed up for located on the class web site under Readings and Discussions. Follow MLA style. (For this particular assignment, a conclusion is not required.)


  • .  Read your article located on the class web site under Readings and Discussions

  • Review how to write a summary in Inquiry – Chapter 7

  • .  Develop a brief introduction and thesis

  • .  Support your thesis with examples

  • .  Citing supports for this assignment is not necessary Conclusion:

    By the end of your essay, your audience will understand the concepts of your article through your well-supported summary.



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