GMU Patriot Investment Strategies Spring 2020 Valuation Report Essay & Excel Sheet

Valuation Report:

Your report should be double spaced, 5-page maximum with an appendix of supporting documents (not included in the first 5 pages).On the first page, make sure you include your group’s name, each group member’s name, and the following table that describes the percentage of each member’s contribution at different stages of the project:

Contribution Percentage (%)
MeetingsProspectusTradingReport – CalculationReport –Writing
Member 1e.g., 20%10%40%20%20%
Member 2
Member 3
Member 4
Member 5

Make sure that the main results presented in your supporting documents are discussed in the text.DO NOT include a lot of outputs without discussing the contents of those outputs in the main text.Your report should be clear, concise, logical, and professional.The following topics are recommended in the report:

  • Objective and strategies of your fund
  • Implementation of your strategies: How did you choose stocks for your mutual fund?How did you implement your strategies?
  • Basic statistics in your fund: number of stocks, number of trades, average return, risk, beta, ratios, … etc.
  • Portfolio performance evaluation: Compare your portfolio with at least one of the following benchmarks from iShares ETFs: Total US Stock Market (Ticker: ITOT), S&P500 (IVV), Russell 1000 (IWB), Russell 2000 (IWM), and Russell 3000 (IWV).The daily closing prices can be downloaded from various financial websites (e.g., your fund performed better or worse than the benchmark index?What might drive the difference?Is your fund comparable with the benchmark index you choose?Why or why not?Is there another benchmark that is more comparable?Why?Has your fund performed better or worse than the benchmark index?Why or why not?
  • Anything else you want your investors to know about your fund.


  • You do not need to use individual stocks to conduct performance evaluation.You can simply copy the “Performance” section on the website to an Excel file and calculate daily returns.Then use daily returns to calculate performance metrics.
  • Remember the returns in the “Return” column of the Performance section are cumulative returns, not daily returns.Thus, you cannot use the returns from that column.Instead, you should calculate daily returns by using the “Total Equity” column.For example, assume the Excel cell for the return on your first trading day is E2.Then the return on the first trading day should be (E2 – $1,000,000)/1,000,000 since your initial wealth is $1mm.The return on the second trading day should be (E3 – E2)/E2, and the third-day return should be (E4 – E3)/E3…. etc.
  • Current interest rates are very low.Therefore, you can assume that the daily risk-free rate is zero.

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