Global Stratification, Mass Incarceration & Racial Color-blindness Essays

Question Description

Teacher Directions:

Choose 3 prompts total and answer prompts in essay form. Take this opportunity to weave concepts together, and delve deeper into topics studied in the course. This is your opportunity to use specific vocabulary, concepts, research, theories, from the course as well as other sources. Please identify and include the most useful and appropriate information for your responses. You will provide 3 separate short essays. Think sociologically and enjoy your final assignment!

Here are the specific criteria for your final exam:

  • Base all your responses in relevant research, data, and sources. Identify the best research to make your point. (Avoid personal examples – also assume I know nothing about the topic)
  • Please provide theword count and works cited with each of your responses. (sources will not be included in the word count)
  • Each prompt is limited to a max of 700 words.
  • Cite sources in MLA format

3 Prompts I chose:

1. What is global stratification? How can it be explained using the global stratification theories?

2. Explain mass incarceration

3. Please explain the concepts of color blindness and racism. Is it fair to say that people in our society are colorblind in regards to race? If no, please provide evidence (studies and data) that demonstrate institutionalized and de facto racism.

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