Global Response Matrix Template

In this Assignment, you will analyze a health crisis by completing the Global Response Matrix Template. You will also analyze the healthcare workforce and effective partnerships in a global health crisis, including health administrators and health educators.
To prepare:
• Review the executive summary and other relevant sections of Protecting Humanity From Future Health Crises (United Nations, 2016), and reflect on lessons learned from the Ebola health crisis.
• Conduct a search to identify additional scholarly resources.
• Consider that the broadest definition of population health concerns the health of the world’s population.
• Reflect on how the key topics covered in this course up to this week inform health systems transformation.
• Consider how each course topic influences health outcomes for populations.
• Download the Global Response Matrix Template.
The Assignment: (Global Response Matrix and narrative statement)
Complete the Global Response Matrix Template by explaining how each course topic or issue manifested during the health crisis. Be sure to include the following:
• Public health/health education
• Health workforce
• Health equity
• Cost
• Quality
• Evidence-based practice
Narrative Statement (1 page)
Analyze the healthcare workforce and effective partnerships in a global health crisis. Specifically, address the following:
• Best practices for health administrators in the event of a global health crisis
• Best practices for health educators in the event of a global health crisis
• What you can specifically do to prepare professionally, including examples

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