Global Health Developed and Developing Countries

This paper is for a senior bachelors in nursing global heath course.
The purpose of the paper is to make sure students develop and refine their research and writing skills in a nursing perspective on two types of Nations. A developed nation SWEDEN and a DEVELOPING Nation INDIA. Describe the Nation’s policies on health care. The paper needs to contain a ABSTRACT, INTRODUCTION, BODY, DISCUSSION, CONCLUSION and a REFERENCE PAGE. 3 RELEVANT AND VALID REFERENCES preferably within the last 5 years. This paper will include a discussion on the similarities and differences between Sweden and INDIA (if any). Describe one national policy related to health care in Sweden. and Describe one national policy related to health care in a developing nation INDIA. Describe the health care system in SWEDEN and Describe the health care system in INDIA. Appropriate sources include published books, articles in peer reviewed journal or the popular press. Please make the paper very clear so that anyone that reads it can tell the difference between a developed country and a DEVELOPING country, and what kind of health policies and health care a person can expect to receive in those countries

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