global health and sustainability

Taking TYPE 2 DIABETES as a major health issue in the uk and a global health problem , prepare a briefing document. The briefing document should be of a standard it could be presented to local or national government. The paper will discuss the problem with a proposed solution and evaluation strategy. It will be written using the theoretical framework of ”sustainability” and ”Resilience”. Pillars of sustainability .
The briefing paper will comprise an executive summary followed by a briefing paper. It should be equivalent to 6000 words.
In writing this assignment you should consider the following:
1) The history of the chosen problem.
2)The reasons for an intervention being required.
3)The issues around sustainability and resilience, both within the problem and your
proposed solution(s)
4)The science behind the chosen intervention.
5)Delivering the information for the chosen audience.
should be submitted through turnitin.

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