Global Business Environment and Analytical Skills Case

Global Business Environment and Analytical Skills Assessment Case
MGT 490C Spring 2015
Individual assignment – due in Anderson’s NAU email by 11:59 PM Thursday, April 30
Worth 10% of your MGT 490C course grade – Takes the place of the final exam.
The PDF case for this assignment is posted on the course J:Drive in the 4ALL Folder
You have been hired by the board of Meli Marine to provide strategic-management
consulting. Apply your related knowledge to the particulars of the case (Meli Marine: HBS

4426, April 2012) and provide value-added analysis, insights, and recommendations to the

Format: a business memorandum of no more than 1000 words of text on no more than 4
pages (use standard fonts and margins), including a concise executive summary. Use visual aids
to clarify, simplify, and/or emphasize data or main points, but integrate them within the text
rather than as appendices. Your memo should have a professional appearance, be formatted with
page numbers and descriptive headings, and be free of grammatical, punctuation, capitalization,
spelling, and other Standard English language usage errors.
At minimum*, the memorandum should include the following:
A. An executive summary, providing an overview of your analysis and recommendations to
the board as if it were February, 2008.
B. Brief statement of the problem/decision/issue. Give a brief overview of the issue as you
understand it. Remember, they are already familiar with the situation, so just be specific
about the issue as you see it.
C. Identification and analysis of the context and your assumptions. A useful model for this
would be a comprehensive Five-Forces analysis of the industry and Meli’s place within it.
D. Identification and analysis of relevant global-business factors (political, economic, social,
technological, environmental, and/or legal). Show that you drew from your knowledge
beyond what the case specifies, noting any information you would have found useful that
was not included.
E. Determination of viable alternative strategies (applying content from items C and D
above) which the company could adopt to address the issue.
F. Evaluation of alternatives, with explanation of criteria you used.
G. Conclusions based on your evaluation, leading logically to your clear, specific
H. Briefly include implementation steps and timelines, with evaluation criteria so the board
would know how to gauge the success of your recommendation if it were implemented.
Identifies relevant global business factors in a clear, accurate and detailed manner.
Analyzes global business factors and how they influence business decisions in a
clear, accurate and detailed manner.


Applies the analysis to specific business situations in a clear, accurate and detailed
manner; includes strong conclusions and well-reasoned recommendations.

*For further content ideas/inspiration, refer to the “Guide to Case Analysisâ€

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