Future of Insurance Companies Paper and Presentation

The second half of the textbook looks at different financial institutions. In our discussion during the fourth segment of the course (Management Concerns), we will use banks as the example on which to demonstrate the concerns financial managers have. We will expect that the observations we make about banks is applicable to ALL financial Institutions.

Your research assignment is to discover what the future has in store for one of these other financial institutional groups – the text book will provide background and current insights, but your research is to bring you elsewhere on-line to reliable sources/ trade magazines/industry white papers etc. to provide us with an insight into the challengers and changes anticipated for a specific financial institutional group: Insurance Companies.

You will also provide a powerpoint presentation highlighting the future concerns of this institutional group as you learned from your research.

I would suggest you consider either Life/Property & Casualty Firms only (referred to as General Insurance Companies) OR only Health insurance Firms. NOT BOTH.



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