Friends University Energy Company Business Change Discussion Paper

BSAD 609:  Change Management

Final Paper

Assignment Objectives:

•        Demonstrate the ability to design a large-scale transformative change initiative utilizing the theories and methods explored in the course.

•        Demonstrate an understanding of the key variables and considerations involved in considering and launching a large scale transformative change effort.

Deliverable Length:        15 – 25 pages

Points Possible:    200  (see rubric)


Students will select an actual organization (either where they work or another organization where they can gather information). 

The overall focus is on guiding the organization on how to change verses what to change.

Write a paper of 15 – 25 pages that demonstrates the ability to design a large-scale transformative change initiative utilizing the theories and methods explored in the course (See topics below that should be addressed). Your paper should describe the qualitative (character) measures and the quantitative (performance) measures of a real life organization. Your paper should include the following information:

•        Introduction: Give a brief description of the organization, including an organization chart, industry position, and brief financial information.

•        Diagnosis of the challenge/opportunity: Why is a transformation needed? (see chapter 1 in the Beyond Change Management text and the topic of The Drivers of Change.)  What is driving the need for change? In this section of the paper, you will also describe the internal and external environment of the organization.  Include in this description the current culture of the organization.

•        Transformation strategies: What transformation strategy or strategies do you plan to employ based on your diagnosis? Include qualitative and quantitative measures for any strategy that you decide to employ. Also include roles and responsibilities for each element of your transformation strategy.

  1. Detailed application of The Change Leader’s Roadmap as a Full-stream Process (see page 243 in the Beyond Change Management text).  Within this context, integrate the following change management models:
    1. Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model
    1. Lewin – Unfreeze, change, refreeze model
    1. Bridges – Transitions model
    1. Burke-Litwin Causal Model
  • What are the shared assumptions and mental models/mindset?
  • How the change will be communicated
  • How you will engage the whole organization
  • How you will use Appreciative Inquiry
  • How you will meet the Conscious Change Process Design Requirements (Exhibit 10.1 on page 248 of the Beyond Change Management text).  The change process should:
    • Model your desired culture, values, and mindset
    • Awaken people to greater conscious awareness and understanding
    • Unleash human potential and performance by minimizing resistance and maximizing commitment.
    • Honor agreed-upon boundary conditions, including desired outcomes, resources and time availability, and stakeholders to engage.
  • Description of how Level 5 success will be part of this change effort
  • Application of the Switch book concepts:
    • Bright Spots
    • Shrinking the change
    • Scripting the critical moves
    • Point to the destination
    • Find the feeling
    • Shrink the Change
    • Grow your people
    • Tweak the Environment
    • Build Habits
    • Rally the Herd
    • Keep the Switch Going
  • Summary: Provide a summary of the expected output from your transformation strategy, including a before-and-after comparison of organization culture and performance. Include estimated time-frames for all changes.
    • References

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