For the provided individual data of reservoir elevations, pipe and nozzle characteristics,… 1 answer below »

The Task: 1. For the provided individual data of reservoir elevations, pipe and nozzle characteristics, compute the flow rate (Q (m3/s)) through the pipeline system. You can limit your calculation efforts to an accuracy to the nearest centimeter (or better) of the total head at the junction. (30 marks) 2. For the pipe system with four reservoirs and nozzle, sketch the Total Head Lines and the Hydraulic Grade Lines; include the values of total head and piezometric head at every position where local changes in head occur. (12 marks) 3. Sketch the velocity profile at a cross-section of pipe “0”, i.e. the pipe leading from the highest reservoir to the pipe junction; assume fully developed pipe flow conditions. In addition to the velocity profile add details of the locations with zero, mean and highest flow velocities. (4 marks) 4. Provide and comment on a complete list of the fluid mechanics concepts/principles and underlying assumptions that you applied for the solution of parts 1 and 2 (use any relevant concepts/principles that you learned in ENGG2500). Provide your answers in a table with three columns named “Fluid mechanics concept/principle”, “Assumptions”, and “Application in assignment”. (14 marks)


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