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A brief situational statement:

Ethnography is a genre of writing that uses fieldwork to provide a descriptive study of human societies. In this instance, you will observe an area of Facebook.


The steps of this exercise:

1.     Choose an area of Facebook where there is ample human interaction (Facebook news feed, your page, your friend’s page, a fan page, an app, etc.). Write down your observations. Try to be objective as you look for manifestations of the idea with which you’ve been working.

2.     Under your objective observation, write an analysis informed by the texts we’ve read thus far.

3.     The analysis should cover the following: what area of Facebook have you chosen? What are people doing/saying? What conclusions can you draw about the nature of human relations? What might be the impact of social networking on society?


Details of this exercise:

1.     The first part of your ethnography will be observation; the second half will be analysis.

2.     No more than 2 double-spaced pages. Follow MLA format, including a “Works Cited” list.

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