Food Democracy for Public Health Practice

Assignment 2
Compare and contrast an Australian example of food democracy with a large supermarket in Australia. In your essay you need to examine both the nature of �food� and �democracy� in your chosen environments. Address the following questions in your essay;
– What do you notice about the fundamentals of �democracy� in your chosen example of food democracy?
– Compare and contrast each example; What do you notice in each site?
– What stands out in terms of �food� and �democracy� and its� principles in each example.
– Use food democracy as a lens to examine how consumers are given choice or invited to participate, or not as the case may be, in each example.

Assessment criteria
Your assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria, the extent to which it:
1. Demonstrates an understanding of the key principles and types of democracy and how these may be applied to food
2. Describes the ways in which democratic principles may be applied to food/ food systems in the context of public health
3. Demonstrates an understanding of the concepts of food citizenship and civic agriculture
4. Meets the general assessment criteria, such as:
� Provides a lucid introduction that relates your paper to public health issues generally
� Shows a sophisticated understanding of the key issues
� Shows the ability to interpret relevant information and literature in
relation to the topic
� Shows evidence of reading beyond the core and recommended reading
� Justifies any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments not merely assertion complies with normal academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical details
� Is written clearly with accurate spelling, grammar and sentence and paragraph construction.

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