Final Portfolio Cover Page Draft Cover Page First, you need to have a cover page for the portfolio..

Final Portfolio Cover Page Draft

Cover Page

First, you need to have a cover page for the portfolio. This cover page should direct me as your reader and needs to have strong claims about what you’ve learned. That means I’m more interested in your analysis of your writing than just a summary report. I know the summary, but I want insight into your process and learning.

A few examples:

  • The cover page is your manifesto on “How should I write?” with analysis and examples to advance an argument about writing.
  • The cover page is a Hamiltonesque playlist that samples the best of your writing along with liner notes to explain how this argues what you’ve learned.
  • The cover page is a Rebecca Skloot imitation using annotations throughout to explain argumentative choices and analyze your writing in a particular piece.
  • The cover page is a metaphor (think “Bread” or “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”) that gives advice to future 39A students about their own path through the course.

Use imitation, metaphor, or another tool or technique to get you into this and highlight what you learned. It’s a good idea to use the best practices you learned within the cover page and portfolio as well rather than just writing about them. The cover page must help guide the reader through the rest of the portfolio.

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 portfolio  Cover Page






These are some readings in this course. You might need these.


This file is my weekly reflection reflects my weekly progress. You might need this too.

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