Final Economics and Financial Management in Health Sciences

Guidelines for Assessment 4
Your financial statement analysis should be no more than 3000 words in length and 2 pages of figures, graphs, and/or tables as an appendix. Please use 2.5 cm margins, 1.5 line spacing, and 12-point Times New Roman. Include the name of the topic on the top of the first page. Report your name, the date, and the course number on the first page after the topic title and assignment type and number. Rubric # 4: Final Project (see the course assessment document) will be used to evaluate your reports. Total marks will be 20 and the weight will be 20%. Your report should have the following sections:

Introduction of the case and brief statement of response (this section can be called Introduction, or can be unlabelled). The purpose of this short section is similar to that of an abstract on a journal article – it is a very brief summary.
Background. This section reviews the key issues raised in the case and any literature reviewed. Be sure to appropriately document the use of sources, including web sites. Use a consistent format for citations based on the APA style.
Analysis. This section shows what you did to respond to 5 (five) case questions. Be creative! It may include tables, graphs, or figures. These can be on the same page or at the end of the report as an appendix; just be sure to clearly label everything. The analysis may be quantitative or may include some discussion of subjective factors.
Recommendation. This section gives your recommendation to adequately address the key issues raised in the case. This should repeat what was said briefly at the beginning, but here you will give more details and include limitations of your recommendations.
References. You are asked to use the APA style of referencing for this assignment.

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