Federal Emergency Management Agency

As a reminder, you will resume the role at the agency you chose in Week One: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Utilizing the memorandum document you created in Week One, add the following for this second part of the interactive assignment. Paragraphs One through Three: Review the peer review(s) that you received in Week One (with respect to paragraphs one through three). Incorporate at least one revision (the revision could pertain to one or more of your first three paragraphs) and highlight the change by utilizing the text highlight color feature. Explain how the revision improves the quality or clarity in your original work. Paragraph Four: Explain the authors findings relative to the authors research objective. Explain to what extent the findings illuminate effective methods of response systems within the context of homeland security. Paragraph Five: In view of the authors findings, explain to what extent policy implications relate to responsibilities and functions across agencies at various jurisdictional levels that mitigate hostilities, threats, hazards and consequences.. In addition, explain how the authors findings are relevant to the interests of your chosen agency. Conclusion: This paragraph should explain how the findings in the article inform policy consideration for this agency. Consider how the arguments and conclusions in the article relate to organizational objectives for this agency. Finally, identify at least one relevant research question that is related to (but not addressed by) this article, and explain how your research question relates to the organizational objectives of this agency.

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