The definition of family is broad and individual to each person. I tend to think the definition of family is the network or group of people and pets that mean the most to someone. It is the group that you seek when you need advice, when you need save harbor, or love and attention. Health care is individualized to the patient and acknowledging their individualized definition of family goes right along with centering or tailoring care for each patient. Just like the same medications do not work the same for each sex, or each ethnicity neither does the same approach to the definition of family. To gain trust and compliance from our patients we need to adjust our care to fit their lifestyle which includes their family structure whatever it might be. The family systems theory can be applied to any family structure. In each structure each member plays a role and each member is a subsystem of the whole unit (Grand Canyon University (Ed), 2018). There is usually one person or several persons that play the role of caregiver whether they are in a traditional or nontraditional family. That caregiver needs certain reinforcement to continue that role and perfect it. They need that no matter what the structure of the family is. Each member plays off of the other member. What one member does can influence what the other members do and have to endure. Each member has their own life with needs, but their life interweaves with those in their family. There are basic needs that we all have as humans that must be met and those needs encompass all sexes, ethnicities, ages, and nationalities. The basic needs form a guide for treating every patient and the dynamics of their lifestyle which includes their family structure creates the detailed map to provide quality family centered care.

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