Explain the conceptual framework of healthcare management in the U.S.

Assignment Objective: To summarize and synthesize course concepts.

Unit Six Assignment

· Explain why the three issues (increasing costs, lack of access and concerns about quality) are interrelated and why they pose the greatest challenges to health care delivery in the United States.

·  Paper must be at least 3 pages long and have at least 3 references. It is highly recommended to use the below websites as references

· http://www.hcaa.org/

· https://www.cdc.gov/workplacehealthpromotion/model/healthcare-cost-data/index.html

· http://health.gov/hai/

· http://www.astho.org/Public-Policy/State-Health-Policy/

· http://www.medicaid.gov/Federal-Policy-Guidance/Federal-Policy-Guidance.html

· http://www.hhs.gov/regulations/index.html

Tied to Course Objectives:

1. Explain the conceptual framework of healthcare management in the U.S.

2. Differentiate among the major types of healthcare facilities.

3. Analyze a healthcare organization and determine what type of organizational structure would be most effective.

4. Identify the major forces affecting the delivery of health services and apply major organizational perspectives and theories to real problems.

5. Evaluate the different areas of managerial activity and understand the managerial role.

6. Demonstrate an understanding of motivation, leadership, and negotiation.

7. Identify and explain concepts in organizational designs, strategic alliances, and integrated delivery systems.

Directions for Assignment:

Create a 3-4 page Word document (excluding the title page and reference list). Use page headers and numbers, level headings, and in-text citations, following all APA formatting requirements.

Evaluation for Unit AssignmentsPoints Possible
Paper is organized & includes introductory/concluding paragraphs5
Use of three (3) scholarly references7
Demonstrate comprehension of the assignment question; meets minimum page requirement of 3 pages20
Correct APA format and use of software formatting tools (title page, level headings, page numbering, in-text citations, and reference list)5
Writing composition: use of third person; error-free spelling, correct grammar and sentence structure5
Final total42

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