Evaluate the complex role of globalisation -Analyse the roles of ethics and social responsibility…

Objectives This assessment task relates to course learning outcomes numbers 4 and 5. 4. Evaluate the complex role of globalisation 5. Analyse the roles of ethics and social responsibility in the business environment. Before starting this assessment read the information and marking criteria set out below. Please also review the rubric for this assessment which is downloadable from the Moodle site. Purpose The purpose of this assessment item is to assess your ability to: • Prepare and deliver a PowerPoint presentation; and • Write a reflective essay that requires analysis and evaluation, and which will involve drawing on and referencing scholarly sources. The purpose is also to develop your skills in analytical and critical thinking, information literacy and communication to an intermediate level. Other graduate attributes such as problem solving, information technology competence, cross cultural competence and ethical practice will be assessed at an introductory level.


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