Ethics in Health Care

Final Project: Case Analysis Part B

Introduction to the Final Project

Part B – Case Analyses

Q2, Q3, Q4

Part B consists of three mini-case study analysis questions, which are based on topics we have discussed in later modules of the course. For each question, you will analyze the scenario using the template provided with the case. Rather than simply stating an opinion, you must include scholarly sources to support your discussion. You are welcome to use your textbook and any materials used throughout the course; researching additional sources is allowed but not required. To assist your reflection, each question lists the reading that pertains to the topic.

Your project should include a title page (project title, your name, class, date and instructor’s name), APA formatted inline citations as appropriate and a bibliography for any references used. You may list your references for each question at the end of the individual responses. Please double-space your responses, which should be approximately between 500-700 words. A template to develop your project is provided in each case study. A common template is used for Questions 2 and 4. A modified template is provided in Q3 to respond to that case study.

The questions you will be answering are:

Q2: Confidentiality, Disclosure and Livid Lovebirds

Q3: Morally Wrong or Ethically Challenging?

Q4: The Emily Dilemma – Abortion

Compose your work using a word processor (or other software as appropriate) and save it frequently to your computer. Your work will be evaluated using the HSC 312 Final Project rubric.

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