Ethics Excelsior College Ethical Dilemma in Healthcare Discussion

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I attached my paper and rubric below, here are the instructions, I believe I need 3 more sources.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you the opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of key concepts that you’ve been learning about throughout the course.

Assignment Instructions


The paper should be a total of 5-7 pages APA formatted. In your paper, you must provide a brief answer for each of the questions below.

  • Identify and describe an ethical dilemma in a healthcare setting that you feel strongly about. Remember that you will need to attach a newspaper link, clipping, or another source which illustrates this ethical dilemma.
  • What would your desired outcome be for the ethical dilemma you’ve selected?
  • Identify and describe how two (2) ethical principles apply to the ethical dilemma.
  • Identify and describe how one (1) ethical theory applies to the ethical dilemma.
  • Define and apply either the PYTHON principle or Doherty & Purtilo’s 6 step process for ethical decision-making to the ethical dilemma.
  • Identify and apply at least one policy, either federal, state, or municipal, to the ethical dilemma.
  • After applying the ethical decision-making framework, would you still recommend the original outcome? Why or why not?

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