This assignment involves completing two exercises, and the purpose is for you to apply the safety and health management systems approach to workplace ergonomics.
Exercise 1: Relating Countermeasure Strategies
Discuss the 10 generic countermeasure strategies proposed by Haddon as they relate to an incident that might have occurred on your worksite, or relate the countermeasures to something you have observed.
The 10 generic countermeasures are listed below:
(a) Prevent the initial buildup of energy.
(b) Reduce the potential energy.
(c) Prevent the release of the energy.
(d) Reduce the rate of release of energy.
(e) Separate the host from the energy source.
(f) Place a barrier between the host and energy source.
(g) Absorb the energy.
(h) Strengthen the susceptible host.
(i) Move rapidly in detect and counter the release.
(j) Take procedures to ameliorate the damage.

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