Details of task: PART 1 (approx. 600 words). Burden of Disease. Discuss the concept of ‘Burden of Disease’ in the context of the Global Burden of Disease Study and the Australian Burden of Disease Study. Ensure that you answer the following questions in this discussion: What is ‘Burden of Disease Analysis’ and what is it used for? What are the DALY, YLD and and YLL measures and from where are data obtained for these measures? How are risk factors incorporated into Burden of Disease Analysis? How can Burden of Disease studies inform health service planning? What are the advantages and disadvantages of ‘Burden of Disease’ as a measure of population health?

PART 2 (approx. 1,400 words). Epidemiological (Health) Profile. Using the community you selected for Assessment task 2, locate epidemiological data on this community and use these data to develop a Community Epidemiological Profile; that is, describe epidemiological characteristics of the community. These characteristics may include life expectancy, mortality (death) by cause, morbidity (illness, injury and disability) by cause, risk factors for health problems, health-promoting factors, self-reported health, and measures from Burden of Disease analysis (where available). You may choose to focus on selected diseases and risk factors provided you justify their importance. Compare epidemiological characteristics of your chosen community to those of the general Australian population. Discuss relevant measures for which data are not available, and limitations of the measures that are available.

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