environmental impact assessment and environmental health emergencies

Complete a 2- to 3-page Reflection Paper, to include the following:
• Explain how the topic you chose is an environmental public health issue.
• Explain why people were, are, or should be concerned with this issue.
• Identify relevant aspects of exposure to the population within the community, including who is exposed and the potential for contamination of environmental media (food, water, air), and likely exposure pathways.
• Explain whether the concern arises from a precautionary approach or established risk assessments, and why.
• Consider your findings. Do you think that this is a major or a minor issue, and why? Are the public’s concerns justified or does it seem that many people are actually unaware or unconcerned? Do you see this issue as personally affecting you—why or why not? What did you know about this issue prior to this Assignment? Did your views about this issue change as a result of what you learned? If so, how?

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