English Assignment Revision Needed

I received the correct project this time! Thank you. You have done some nice work here. I appreciate you sending your project “Inflation, Unemployment and the Fed” to me for review. I have enjoyed viewing your work. Your project was informative in addressing the background economic principles along with the actions and significance of the Federal Reserve System (Fed). You have done a nice job with your inclusion of two news articles that specify how the Fed works. The two articles explained the main ideas presented, the evidence given for the ideas and conclusions. The flow of your paper was very efficient. Keep up the good work! Now, let’s focus on some areas that need a little more attention, add some information and you will be right where you want to be regarding this project.   

To master this project, there are a few steps to take:

  • In your paragraph about inflation: Please discuss how inflation helps the borrower and harms the lender. Also, please correct the following sentence: “The two types of inflation are: demand-push inflation and cost-push inflation. Demand-pull (I believe you want to define demand-push here) inflation occurs due to the faster increase in demand for goods and services as compared with the supply of these goods and services.” You may want to refer to the Project Resource titled “Principles of Economics” to assist you.
  • In your paragraph about unemployment: You are on the right track here! There are three types of unemployment. Please define and discuss the three types of unemployment. You may want to review the Project Resource titled “Principles of Economics” to assist you. 
  • In your paragraph about aggregate demand: Please discuss as to why the aggregate demand curve is downward sloping due to the wealth effectinterest rate effect and the foreign exchange effect. Please refer to the Project Resource titled “Aggregate Demand Video” to assist you.
  • In your paragraph about aggregate supply: Please discuss as to why the aggregate supply curve in the short-run is upward sloping due to the sticky wage and misperception theories. You may want to refer to the Project Resource titled “Short-Run Aggregate Supply Video” to assist you.

As I have stated above, you have really done a fine job with this project! Keep up the good work! Please make the above-mentioned additions and correction to your work and then send it over to me for another look. I am happy to view your revised project.

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