Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management

Community Case: Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Management An F2 tornado touches down on the edge of Johnson County without much advance warning from the National Weather Service. The Johnson County disaster preparedness plan is implemented, but it has not been tested for over three years. There seems to be some confusion at the command center on who may be in charge due to changes in personnel since the last test of the disaster preparedness plan. Nurse Judy and nursing student Madison arrive at the command center to volunteer, but they have to wait for some time to receive their assignment. Questions for students: 1. What are the main components of a disaster plan? 2. What are the phases of disaster management? 3. Who implements a community disaster plan? How often should a community disaster plan be reviewed and tested? 4. What are the differences between natural and man-made disasters? 5. How would you address the confusion at the incident command center

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