Electricity hazards report- Occupational Health and Safety

Assignment 3 – Employer Report (2200 words not included 12 referencing)
For this assessment you have been asked to prepare a report to an employer on one of the hazards identified from the following chapters of the OHS Body of Knowledge listed below:-
Chapter 23 – Electricity
Choose Electricity topics/hazards listed above to investigate further and write your report on.
Your report to an employer must:-
1. Discuss any historical developments in the occupational health and safety understanding of how this issue can affect workers.
2. Discuss the impact of this hazard on the health and safety of workers so that the employer understands the risks i.e. how can this hazard affect or hurt the workers?
3. Discuss how organisations can control this hazard and therefore reduce the risk to their employees i.e. what control measures could be put in place to reduce the risk.
4. Have at least 7 references to material other than the Body of Knowledge chapter you are using, at least 5 references must be Journal Articles about this issues to support your writing.

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