effective health care

the writer is required to demonstrate an appreciation of psychological theories and perspectives relating to holistic practice by selecting 2 patients for illustration purposes.This assignment invites a critical appraisal of ideas pertaining to holistic approaches to care and requires the formulation of a coherent argument to illustrate how different biopsychosocial factors influence best practice in health care. These factors comprise the differing perspectives of a variety psychological approaches biological, behavioural, humanistic, cognitive, development, etc) implicated in aetiology and treatment of conditions, the recognition of the part played by life style(occupation, health behaviours,stress) and the interpersonal skills of health care practitioner in their interaction with people to whom they are offering support. This assignment allow the writer to select 2 examples of these in the context of a nhs hospital setting to devise an illustrated argument to show how clinical work is enhanced by holistic thinking. As health care professionals it is essential that our practice is in line with policy and supported by research and evidence, therefore this assignment requires the student to utilize appropriate literature and evidence to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of practice. Any definitions included in the introduction should be relevant to what is to follow and concise. These may include such terms as ‘holistic approach’, effective ‘healthcare’, a contemporary definition of ‘health’ or ‘biopsychosocial’. Definitions should be included when you judge these terms to be useful in conveying your perspective to the reader.In order to comply with data protection act(1998) it is imperative that you anonymise the patient, staff and trust place names.

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