Economic Evaluation and Modelling in Health Care

Instructions: This course work is in two sections:

Section A)
A critical of a paper: Maximum word count is 1,250 words

Section B) Development of a Modelling plan + outline model structure: Maximum word count is 1,250 words + copy of an outline model structure.

BOTH sections must be completed. The total maximum word count for this course work is 2,500 words + copy of an outline model structure.
You have been provided with a suggested template which you can use to complete Section A and B.

A short scenario has been given to enable you to complete the course work (i will uploed it)

Section A:
Produce a maximum 1,250 word report detailing a critical health economics appraisal of the Nguyen and Bernstein paper (i will be uploaded) using an appropriate critical appraisal tool/framework.
This should include:
• A succinct critical appraisal of the paper including strengths and limitations.
• The gaps in this analysis which could be addressed by adapting or undertaking a new health economic analysis using a decision analytical model.

Section B:
Produce a maximum 1,250 word modelling plan for your proposed health economic analysis to fill the gaps in the analysis and address the decision problem. Provide a fully labelled outline of your proposed model structure Consider the following, along with other relevant features, in your modelling plan The aim of the analysis
• Patient population and any sub-groups to be considered in the analysis.
• Intervention(s) and comparator
• Outcomes Model structure
• The structure of the proposed model (include an outline model structure in your report) with a short description of the treatment pathways to be modelled and health states.
• Report the computer package you will use to undertake your analysis.
• State the proposed setting ( country and health service sector) time horizon and perspective for your model with justification Model assumption Briefly describe the main assumptions you will make in your model. Collection of data inputs
• Resource use and costs—the data and methods you will use to cost up each of your treatment and pathways describing how you will assign values e.g. unit costs and potential sources of information.
• Clinical data required and which sources of data you would consider and why (including any ranking) e.g. meta-analysis, single RCT, observational, registry data etc. The types of data needed to populate the model e.g. transition probabilities, morbidity, mortality should be outlined
• Health utilities- the data and methods you will use to populate your model e.g. baseline utility scores, utility decrements as a result of VTE. Describe the preferred method of capturing utilities to be used.
• Any discounting to be applied Analysis Reporting of base case results How will the cost-effectiveness be presented, what would be done in the case of dominance? Sensitivity analysis Outline the sensitivity analyses to be undertaken to address uncertainty in your model. Feasibility Outline what could be the potential challenges e.g. obtaining high quality clinical evidence

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