e market strategy

The 3,000 word limit (plus/minus 10%) does NOT include the executive summary, table of contents, bibliography etc…

In addition to the “assignment guidance notes” provided in class, please note the following as you are writing your assignment:

1. Executive summary – this should be no more than one page, summarizing the nature of the organization/business and “clustering” the e-marketing recommendations & suggestions for the company “at a glance” for easy comprehension.

2. Sections – remember that this is to enhance your organization of the report contents & highlight focus on the important areas, as well as contribute to user-friendly reading.

3. Integration – less important areas do NOT have to be sectionalized but can instead be integrated into your writing. For example, there is no need to have a section on “situational analysis” and repeat already-known facts of the case, but demonstrate that the analysis of the situation has already been taken into consideration when you write, say, your objectives for the e-marketing strategy.

4. Style & tone of writing – again, I have already given examples in class on this, write as a consultant advising the client. Tell the business owner what to do & explain why. Behave as a consultant with authority, say what is needed to enhance the business with an e-marketing strategy/plan and nothing else. You have NO words to waste.

5. Examples & Illustrations – use examples & illustrations to support your recommendations where appropriate, such as “affiliate partners” to enhance the business?

6. Flow of presentation – ensure a user-friendly flow for the reader, beginning with proper objectives, follow up with e-marketing strategy suggestions that are in line with goals, and ending with advise for the long term and integration efforts.

7. Coverage – be comprehensive in your evaluation & application of relevant e-marketing concepts derived from the units with approriate re-inforcements.

8. References & Bibliography – remember NOT to use citations & references during your writing. Just have a list in your bibliography at the end of the assignment (in Harvard format) featuring references for relevant e-marketing concepts & examples.

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