Dublin Institute of Technology Critical Issues Facing the International Event Sector Report

Question Description

Choosing three of the following four topics, students are asked to prepare a report entitled: ‘Critical issues facing the international event sector’. The word count foreach part should be 1,100 – 1,200 words with a total word count at least 3300.

  • Identify three trends that you think are currently influencing the shape of the international event industry. Critically consider the effect that these trends are having on the industry, making reference in your answer to specific cases.
  • With reference to specific contexts that you are familiar with, identify and discuss what you consider to be positive policy initiatives that support and promote the sector effectively. Support your answer with examples.
  • A review of the literature on event legacy reveals many opinions of what legacy is. Discuss what you consider legacy to be, and, in the context of mega-events, discuss the key lessons that can be learned from past events to ensure a positive legacy. Your answer should draw on the readings attached to this email, although it can also draw on other secondary sources.
  • Festivals are fun – but what about the carbon footprint? (Lillington 2019: 1) Discuss why festivals and events are becoming more environmentally responsible, and consider the challenges they face in doing this. Illustrate your answer with reference to examples and guest lectures.

Requirment: Please use size 12 font and 1.5 line spacing. The report should be fully referenced, i.e. secondary sources should be cited throughout the text and a list of references should be provided at the end. Each part should include at least 5 academic citations (other secondary sources may also be used as appropriate). Please be aware that your work will be submitted to plagiarism software within below 10% .

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