Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology Early Ages of Human History Paper

Question Description

4 page writing assignment based on the topics of the “Early Ages of Human History” and the “Ages of Exploration and Conquest”.

“Early Ages of Human History” (2 pages) –

1. Research and discuss one invention from the Paleolithic/Stone age that you find especially transformative for human development.
2. Discuss why farming was such an important advancement in human development.
3. Research and discuss a critical invention from the bronze or iron age – discuss why you think this invention was so important.
4. Thinking about the history of technology in broad terms, would you state that technology has been mostly a positive or a negative element in human advancement? Explain.

“Ages of Exploration and Conquest” (2 pages) –

1. First address how expansion has defined cultures?

2. Based on your assigned chapters this week, please discuss the benefit that technology has played in worldwide expansion throughout history, citing at least two examples from your text.

3. Then please again cite two examples from your text and discuss the cost of technological progress in worldwide expansion in history.

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