Do you think East Asia will emerge as the center of the world economy in the near future? Discuss ho

Do you think East Asia will emerge as the center of the world economy in the near future? Discuss how Japan managed to be one of the most economically and technologically developed countries in the world despite its lack of any major natural resource Japan is made up of a group of small volcanic islands, with very rigid and mountainous topography, very limited agricultural land, and very limited or no mineral or oil resources Yet, it is the most economically developed country with the highest percapita GNP How did they do it?

Also, China during the last two decades has been competing aggressively with the US over world resources and power Chinese exports invaded the US and international markets The US dollar has seen a significant decline in value and international trade is not in favor of the US The protests in South Korea against US beef imports and what happened to the US ambassador in South Korea in March 2015 North Korea has been getting billions of dollars from the US in return for abandoning their nuclear program, but recently they showed that they are going on with their nuclear and missile programs The reaction of both North Korea and the US to the movie “The Interview”

Looking at what is happening here in the US and in East Asia, How do you see the future of the world economy and power? Do you see the US role or influence in that region diminishing as China’s power growing 

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