discussion paper international perspectives highway design

Discussion Paper

Elements of the discussion paper are similar to the CEE departmental preferred homework format and the general elements of a course paper. However, the length is neither as limited as a typical homework problem nor as extensive as a typical course paper. That is, the discussion paper be succinct with the essential elements covered with minimal extraneous material. Elements of the discussion paper include:

  • Given/Find (introduction): Provide your interpretation of the problem/task in brief – perhaps a paragraph or two.
  • Solution (answer): Summarize the various reference documents and analyze the similarities and dissimilarities (compare/contrast). Use of tables and figures for summarization and discussion related to those tables and figures is expected.
  • Conclusions (reflection): How does impact you and your conception of transportation?

Note: they are 8 references that need to be compared.

These References are “we are collecting the viewpoints of several students regarding their knowledge and experience of transportation internationally – with information regarding the questions of why, what, where, how, and when of the transportation network to the extent possible. The 8 students originated from Venezuela (1), Ghana (1), China (1), and Saudi Arabia (5), these latter 5 coming from different cities within Saudi Arabia: Mecca, Medina(Mine), Tabuk, and Buraydah, Jeddah.”

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