Discussion of major theories, models or streams of influence around this topic….


This unit aims to give you an opportunity to combine many facets of your acquired MBA skills into

the production of a high-quality research project.

Assignment 2 – the Literature Review – is designed to ensure that each team member masters the

skills of searching, locating, reading, summarising, and using relevant academic literature and

secondary data to create a compelling discussion and/or argument, thereby creating the context for

their further research in pursuit of the answer to their research question(s).

Your lecturer will LEAD and FACILITATE you through the process, week by week. The learning will be

progressive, so for best results you will need to be in weekly contact with your lecturer during class

time at your campus.

Assignment Structure should be the following:

1. An opening statement of the Research Problem and research Question(s) – these should

now be more detailed than what you had in your Topic Approval.

2. Discussion of major theories, models or streams of influence around this topic. This provides

your lecturer with evidence that you have gone deeper than your initial search now to find

literature that leads you toward answering your research question

3. Draw the reader’s attention to any contrasting views expressed in prior research in this area

and give your view of how differing opinions can be brought together to help answer the

research question and ultimately resolve the research problem. [the more comprehensive

your literature review, the better. Whatever you do NOT find out in this literature review

will leave you with more work to do when you move to the next part of the project, i.e.


4. Report how it has brought you closer to an answer to your research question(s).

5. Ensure all in text citations are correctly referenced.

6. Add a comprehensive List of References, in Harvard referencing style. [Students please be

warned that errors in referencing attract suspicion of plagiarism/academic misconduct

and may require detailed investigation, prompting a request for further information from

you regarding your sources. It is always essential that academic integrity is upheld and any

breach thereof may lead to a mark of ZERO and a report of academic misconduct. Don’t

take a chance!]

7. Append a statement indicating ‘who wrote which sections of this report’


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